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Astraline Logistics is a Licensed Private Logistics company whose aim is to bridge the gap between suppliers and consignees both locally and internationally, founded officially on 8th September 2017. Anchored in the core values of efficiency and reliability, Astraline Logistics prides itself to being the leading and experienced logistics company in the East Africa and UK region.

We are the best.

Drawing its experience and expertise from a pool of qualified and knowledgeable employees, the company guarantees quality and timely service delivery to its customers which has enabled it to grow beyond the local boarders.

Astraline Logistics is the best solution for your needs and business with unbeatable prices We take pride in being the most reliable and affordable outsourcing company where you can order any product through us and will deliver to your doorstep.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to design, build and deliver flexible, integrated, best-in-class and cost effective logistics solution.

Our Vision

To be recognized as THE expert in logistic services with top-notch Customer Service

Our Values

We strive to perform with unyielding commitment to Integrity, Honesty, Transparency, Creativity and Respect for All.

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