1. Cargo will not be shipped if payment is not made in our company accounts (shown on the invoice/proforma).
  2. All items including hazardous items (DG) must be declared otherwise penalty of £100 will be fined Example Batteries, Perfumes, Flammable Liquids, Weapons, Medication, Compressed Sprays, Pesticides, Aerosols, Ammunition and Gunpowder, Fireworks, Chemicals.
  3. Astraline Does not and prohibits shipping Ammunition, Alcohol,  Combustible materials, drugs and narcotics, currency, tobacco, live animals, human remains, or Shipments that require us to obtain a local, state, or federal license for their transportation.
  4. Astraline will be responsible for the Customer’s shipment only while it is within Astraline custody and control. Astraline will not be liable for the loss or damage of a Shipment while the Shipment is out of Astraline’s custody or control.
  5. We will not be accountable for any loss, or damage of cargo unless insurance is paid by the customer before shipping (10% of declared value) whereby in this instance, Astraline will compensate only 30% of the value.
  6. We will only refund you the weight of your parcel but not the full cost of the value of your parcel if paid already to us.
  7. Storage charges will apply after 14 days. Cargo will be disposed of after 45 days. A 14-day notice will be sent in writing.
  8. A credit note will be raised on orders, only when the seller/supplier has credited the same to our respective accounts.
  9. Astraline Reserves the right to charge customers whichever is greater between Dead Weight, Volume Weight, or Percentage.
  • Dead weight is the actual weight once measured on scale eg. Spares, Clothes, Kitchen Appliances
  • Volumetric weight is calculated by L(cm) X W(cm) X H(cm) Divide by 6000 eg. Bikes, Chairs/Sofas, Tables, Rods
  • Percentage- 20% of purchase value will be charged eg. Phones, Laptops, CCTV, Cameras, etc.
  1. Drones, TVs, Batteries, and Perfumes have special charges, contact the office for more information
  2. We are not liable for any flight delays or clearance delays as they are beyond our control
  3. Check contents for damage, claims cannot be made after signing Delivery Note
  4. Applications for discounts shall be sent via email on accounts@astralinelogistics.co.uk
  5. Astraline has the right to open and inspect a Shipment without notice for safety, security, customs or other regulatory reasons.
  6. Handling charges (service fee) shall be fully paid regardless of kilos shipped, EFD to be provided if paid local
  7. Shipping fees back to its seller are charged on the customer, item must be unopened and with all its contents
  8. At our sole discretion, we may refuse to pick up or deliver a shipment (package or freight), or use alternative pickup or delivery arrangements, to maintain the safety of our employees and in cases in which we believe that our services may be used in violation of local, state, or federal laws.
  9. Invoice disputes must be raised within 5 days of receipt and sent via email on accounts@astralinelogistics.co.uk
  10. Perishable and temperature-sensitive shipments/or goods are moved provided the sender accepts the shipment is at their own risk, Astraline provides no special treatment for such shipments unless separately agreed in writing
  11. All delivery and transit times provided by Astraline are not binding and therefore involve no final deadline. Exceeding this time (transit time) does not constitute a failure for Astraline Logistics and the sender is not entitled to any compensation
  12. Astraline can deliver multiple consignments in separate parts, if the shipment is delivered in parts, each part can be billed separately
  13. We are relying on all customers being of good standing & are indeed acting with Honesty & Integrity when declaring the consignment weight in order for the service quote to generate, if discrepancies in weight are discovered after the fact any additional cost will be added to the client charge, which is due before or at the conclusion of the conveyance/service or release of the consignment takes place
  14. In the event that a customer mis-declared a shipment item in terms of weights and dimensions where the items will require a special vehicle to do the collection or delivery – Astraline reserves the right to refuse collection or delivery without a refund
  15. If a customer buys from an online supplier who chooses to use Astraline as the courier (irrespective of who books the collection, whether it is the online shopper or the supplier). If the company/customer chooses to use us –it is at their own risk and we do not take responsibility for incorrect packaging from the supplier’s side. Astraline reserved the right to refuse refund, replacement or pay-out
  16. In the event of a second-hand item being shipped from an online store/brick-and-mortar store, Astraline reserves the right to refuse a refund/replacement as per the clause if the shipments are damaged when reaching the end customer. No consequential loss/claim/settlement advice may be brought against Astraline for damage to 2nd hand items.
  17. Astraline will not be responsible for examining or counting any Goods received by it where such Goods are bundled, palletized, or packed in any manner such that their number cannot be quickly and easily counted. Should Astraline undertake to count Goods so received, it shall incur no liability in respect of any error or inaccuracy in such counting, whether such error or inaccuracy is the result of negligence on the part of Astraline or otherwise. Astraline shall be entitled to levy a charge on the Customer for the counting of Goods in such circumstances. if the above is not in order.
  18. Under no circumstances shall Astraline or any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, servants, agents or employees be liable for any consequential damages including loss of profits, or for any negligence apart from any gross negligence, on the part of Astraline.
  19. Astraline shall not, subject to these Terms and Conditions, be responsible for or liable for any delay or non-performance of its obligations in terms hereof directly caused or resulting from force majeure.
  20. None of the servants or agents of the Carrier or its sub-contractors shall be under any liability whatsoever to the Customer, and the provisions of this clause are stipulated for the benefit of those persons’ agreements.
  21. Our employees are not authorized to conclude verbal agreements, verbal amendments to these conditions, or to make other verbal
  22. Cancellation: 20% of the invoice amount will be charged, plus any additional charges levied by suppliers up to the date of cancellation.
  23. Himalaya Clause

In arranging the performance of the Services with any Contractor on the Customer’s behalf, the Customer shall have no right of action against the Company in relation to the performance of the Services or any loss or damage that arises therefrom. Without prejudice to the foregoing, every such Contractor shall have the benefit of all provisions herein benefiting the Company as if such provisions were expressly for its benefit, and in entering into this contract, the Company, to the extent of these provisions, does so not only on its own behalf but also as agent and trustee for such parties

  1. Unless otherwise agreed with the carrier beforehand, pick-up and delivery services will be provided only during regular business hours
  2. Rates, charges terms and conditions and services are subject to change without notice. The most current rates charge terms and conditions, and services may be obtained online at astralinelogistics.com
  3. Using our service means you have carefully read, understood, and accepted our terms and conditions
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